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Homemade chili, pico de gallo, nacho cheese and jalapenos piled high on fresh chips. Sour cream on the side. $10.99

Shark's Den specialty! Buttermilk battered fresh Mahi Mahi fingers lighly fried with citrus aioli for dipping. $12.99

Flash fried, hand breaded dill pickle chips... served with choice of Voodoo sauce, chipotle ranch, or ranch. $6.99

Crunchy eggrolls stuffed with black bean and corn salsa, fresh cabbage and blackened chicken, accompanied by your choice of avocado sour cream or chipotle ranch. $8.99

A dozen double breaded vidalia onions paired with Voodoo sauce. $8.99

Warm, soft and salty pretzels served with our signature cheddar sauce. $5.99

Spiraled potato, fried with your choice of spice! Salt & Pepper, cajun, jerk or ranch. Choose from ranch, blue cheese or Voodoo sauce for dipping. $5.99

Encrusted with black pepper and seared rare. Served with wasabi mayo and Sriracha $13.99












Entry level kick, hint of buffalo

Sweet soy, brown sugar and ginger

Sweet, smoky, and tangy

Golden BBQ sauce with fresh habaneros and peaches

Sweet, spicy and great!

Buttery, roasted garlic

Big Buffalo, Big HEAT!

Hot as it comes anywhere around these waters!

Sriracha, thai chili and cumin

Sweet and tangy classic BBQ sauce

Blend of honey, mustard & spices

★ = MILD
★★ = FIERY


Homemade bourbon bacon jam and white cheddar.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Over-medium egg, smoked bacon, and white cheddar.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Our signature cheddar cheese sauce, sweet and smokey BBQ sauce, tobacco onions, smoked bacon.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Sauteed mushrooms, beer braised onions, blue cheese crumbles.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

FIRE!!! Jalapenos, shredded cheese, a generous slathering of maneater sauce.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Beer braised onions, slow roasted beef drizzled with our signature SoCo Whiskey Glaze, topped with cheddar sauce.
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Homemade chili, onion and slaw
Beef $13 | Wagyu $16 | Custom Grind $18

Blackened, grilled or fried chicken tossed in your favorite wing sauce, rolled up in a tomato basil wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion and shredded cheese. $10.99

Soft or crispy tacos, tender grilled steak, pico de gallo, lettuce, shredded cheese and Voodoo sauce. $9.99

Your choice of slow roasted beef or grilled chicken, covered with sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions and topped with our signature cheddar cheese sauce! $12.99

Slow roasted Certified Angus Beef prime rib thinly sliced and topped with provolone cheese, served on a hoagie with fresh Au Jus for dipping. $12.99

Fresh fried shrimp crowned with crispy slaw, fresh diced tomato and our famous Voodoo sauce on a hoagie. $12.99

Char-grilled fresh tuna topped with lettuce, tomato and wasabi mayo, all on a potato kaiser. $13.99

Your traditional crab cake made with lump crab, bread crumbs and special seasoning. Grilled and served on a potato kaiser with lettuce & tomoato. $9.99

Two all beef hotdogs, topped with cheese, chili and diced onions. $8.99

Grilled, blackened or fried chicken with a side of your favorite wing sauce atop shredded lettuce, black bean & corn salsa and shredded cheese. $11.99

The roughest, toughest, meanest chicken sandwich, blackened, grilled or fried, tossed with your favorite wing sauce and topped with LTO. $12.99
** Add Cheese & Bacon for additional $1 **

3 jumbo tenders, lighly breaded and fried. Served with cord on the cob, skin-on fries and your choice of dipping sauce. $14.99

Your choice of shrimp, flounder or combination. Served with crispy slaw, hushpuppies and skin-on fries. $17.99

Fresh Ahi Tuna, grilled or blackened and cooked to perfection. Served with rice pilaf and broccoli. $19.99 | Ask Your Server About our Fresh Catch (Available Seasonally)

Stuffed with our homemade crab cake, baked and finished with garlic butter. Served with rice pilaf and broccoli. $19.99

Keep it fresh with mixed greens, smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, and toasted croutons. Half $4.99 | Full $7.99

Mixed greens, roasted black bean and corn salsa, shredded cheese, fresh tomatoe, croutons and topped with blackened chicken. Half $5.99 | Full $9.99

Fresh greens, diced tomato, cucumber, egg, bacon, shredded cheese and toasted croutons. Half $4.99 | Full $8.99

Housemade Ranch and Blue Cheese
Balsamic Viniagrette
Honey Mustard
100 Island


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